Last week’s thoughts on Game of Thrones and getting ready for RWA

Let’s start with the biggest controversy. Ed Shereen. I had no idea what he looked like before the episode, and I would NEVER throw so much shade at a talented singer that he’d have to shut down anything. However with that being said, I absolutely found the scene with Arya and the Lannister knights well rather stupid and filler. I would have preferred Arya to be humanized again by finding her own friend Gendry… is he still rowing? If so his arms have to be pretty darn awesome now. She could also find the Hound but he seems busy going north to fight white walkers and talking to the fire god.

Now I love Jon as King of the North. He’s doing a good job and he was fair to the children of the men who were not loyal. He acted the part of a rightful and honest king which is why in my version of hope, he should be the one who wins the Game of Thrones. He’s the only truly good person still in the game.

I also love Daenerys touching her home land that she’s never seen and walking into the home. She’s my second favorite and the most powerful of them players now. However we’ve seen her ‘Fire and Blood’ streak come out a few times on the show and her quest to reclaim what was stolen from her family has a huge power hunger/ kind of scary will burn and tear down everything in her path to it. Now she also has her good side. She’s been struggling between good and evil which makes her almost more human than Jon because of it. However her dark side might win out and honestly she might turn out like Cercei.

Now the third most powerful player is Cersei Lannister. Sansa called it right that she’s killed everyone who got in her way. I don’t count her out just because she’s down. She has no scruples. She’s the epitome of evil.

Whew so those are my thoughts and I can’t wait for tonight. Jon needs to go ally Daenerys for that dragon glass!

Now I’m off to RWA this week. I’m so excited to go learn and be part of something positive with romance writers. My bags are packed. I’m ready to go.

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