Once again the handsome man took whatever he wanted in my life. But as I walked out of the coffee shop, with my best friend to maneuver the streets of New York, I sipped my victory drink.

At least I had one small war prize from the morning and muscles hadn’t completely ignored me.

That had to count as I rememeber being so angry that the man with the tight ass cut me in line. Naomi looped arms with me and asked, “So how is your Toasted Almonds Chocolate Latte?’

I took another sip but it was honestly bland as I said, “It’s honestly okay, but I was just so angry a guy like that just stepped in front of me like that.”

“He had a nice ass.”

So she agreed. We made it to highrise I worked at street corner as I said, “We’re not supposed to notice that.”

She shrugged as we headed toward the doorman and said, “Look for an asshole at least he was handsome.”

We all saw then. I hugged her as she worked next door and I said, “Doesn’t matter, I’ll never see him again.”

“Have fun at work.” Naomi answered and took a step to leave.

Right. Today I didn’t need to work so hard only to curl up in my place, alone. I met her gaze and asked at the last minute, “Drinks tonight?”

Naomi’s nose wrinkled as she held her cup close to her. “I can’t. I have to go to my sister’s baby shower. Tomorrow?”

“Okay.” I said and squared my shoulders as I passed the doorman.

 Today was the third anniversary of my parents death date. No one generally remembered third anniversaries here. But last night I’d fallen apart because I realized no one was ever going call me up on my birthday or set me up on a horrible date I’d complain about again.

I pressed the elevator button happy I hadn’t told Naomi. If I’d said anything, she’d just feel sorry for me. And that might be worse than being alone.

I opened my company’s office door and saw my secretary Jennifer scrambling.

My team rushed around harried, but the foreheads etched in fear were obvious as I said to everyone I passed, “Hi.”

Jennifer followed behind me to corner and once we were alone, I asked, “Why is everyone upset. What’s going on?”

Jennifer’s eyes widened like I hadn’t read some important email and then said, “Chase and Marshall Bank just hired a second team to compete for the advertising contract. We’re all out of a job if the upstairs suits like them better.”

For three years the billion dollar investment firm always had at least one other firm show up with an advertising idea and we’d never lost our biggest client and the reason we afforded our plush office. Jennifer talked to everyone so I said, “Don’t worry. We’ll win like we did before because we’re the best.”

She leaned closer and I could smell her overwhelming perfume as I said, “We beat other small advertising companies. Rumor is the competition is much bigger.”

Outside the glass door there he was. The jerk with a coffee cup. I stepped out of my office and sold the white haired Mr. Marshall and Mr. Tightass shaking hands. Jennifer walked beside me as the trail of floral alcoholic perfume followed. The two men got on the elevator laughing and I asked, “Who is that?”

Jennifer bounced on her heels and said, “The enemy.”

“That’s exactly what I thought.” I said and flipped back into my office.

It was one thing to cut the line for coffee but he’d have another thing coming if he thought to steal my business’ main livelihood. I destroyed my enemies.