At the office, I’d told one little lie and it was totally justified. To get the promotion, they wanted someone serious who doesn’t hit every cocktail hour with my friends. My skin buzzed I’d been called out so I lied and said I had a fiancé. Now I was in line for the promotion and everything was perfect… until everything almost blew up in my face.

It didn’t because a trillionaire came to my rescue, offering to help me. I jumped at the offer but we made rules… everything was temporary. He needed a wedding date. I needed a promotion.

I could play devoted for a few weeks and then have a public breakup.

Except I was starting to like the man in the business suit.

He’s low key hysterical, the hottest man I’d ever met, determined to get what he wanted, and he had a little bit of my heart.

I realized a few things about him no one knew…

  1. The man behind the big deals he made was a bit of a cute nerd.
  2. He’s the most respectful man who listens.
  3. And he might be the only person I could ever see myself with.

The temporary fake relationship was getting complicated when feelings get involved and now I was in danger of destroying everything because I might love him. This wasn’t good at all! But you’d never have expected what happened next because I never had.

My story in Holiday Fake-Out 

Every day I saw ‘the man I was going to marry.’ Except he never saw me, never spoke to me, never blinked at me. Not even when I saved his life, but then his hot brother sure did. And his family thinks I’m engaged to a man with amnesia  #Screwedup

Roman, the sexy brother who seems to see right through me and wants all of me. I’m aching with need, but he also needs me to pretend the engagement is real.

Lies and liars and wishes and desires are getting all flipped on their ears.

I’m staying because passion that makes me yearn burns through my veins.

♥ I need to tell the truth.


✓We’re wrong for each other.

He’s a trillionaire and I’m #lonelyliar

★Yet Roman makes me knees weak.

 What happens when the holidays end?

Or when his brother remembers that he doesn’t actually know me?

I never expected a Christmas miracle, except, you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.

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