Two Step Sisters, check.

One Evil Step mother, check again.

Prince and a ball though… now that’s a silly fantasy, right?

Okay technically my family has been invited to a billionaire wedding. My cousin is having a three day affair.

My step-family now wants to claim Steel, my last name, as their family relationship. Sure my father had married my stepmother, but at best we pretend to be family.

Otherwise this summer is my last summer before college begins and I move out, forever. Scholarships are set.

What I didn’t expect was Edward Donovan. He’s everything I hate in a man, spoiled, rich, and believes the world should worship him.

So why is he asking me to dance?

And why is my heart racing.

This will never last though. Fairy tales never do.

Except my eyelids are fluttering closed and my heart races when he guides me in these dances. t might not be a happily ever after—but maybe being happy for even one night will sustain me.

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