My second grade students guerrilla glued my pants.
Don’t ask.
And the attending physician, Johnny, as i can’t get it off is single handedly the handsomest man I ever met.
I mean seriously.
Sure I flirted. You would too. Any woman with a pulse would have.
And our heated moment was just that.
Or it was supposed to be.
Turns out he’s a single dad. And his son is in my class.
HIs son’s always picked up by his nanny, so we’d never met.
Until she quits and he’s stuck.
He offers me the job of professional nanny after school for the rest of the year.
And he’s right, I do have the time.
But I wasn’t expecting the magnetic attraction he stirs in me.
He says he didn’t see me coming either. But he has a bevy of potential women chasing after him.
And I’m now the hired help.
What I’m not saying is how I wish I actually believed in happily-ever-after.
And I never expected what happened to us.