Not telling anyone I was pregnant years ago meant I started over with a huge secret. Now my son is eight and I realize hiding his birth right might have been the wrong plan. He’d have been better protected.

Returning home though is causing a scandal.

The daughter of the maid and the son of a trillionaire are a #Disaster.

Except he brought us home, kept us safe and put our son in the best schools. 

I should be grateful. I’d had no idea the years would soften his heart. And he said he missed me, every second of every day since I’d been gone.

Crushing on him came back over me so fast.

He’s hotter than I remember, clearly working out, a trillionaire, a doctor by choice, and still has a little of that reclusive loner attitude I’d absolutely wanted to fix in him all our childhood.

Except he has no idea what I went through. 

I was not designed to be anything more than servant and there are rules.

♥ Even if I still ache for him.

✓ And even if he says he loves me.

★ And no one could ever replace him for me.

I set up myself up for heartache round 2, I knew it, and happiness was never in my destiny, but you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.