When six musicians come together to form an all-girl country band, The Sweethearts of Country Music are born. But can they balance their musical worlds with their personal lives?

Taylor Jones has a gift. She’s never been a big talker, but once she started getting her emotions out on the keys of a piano, she found her peace. Between tough breakups and a move from NYC to Nashville, the piano has been the one constant in her life. And now it’s her ticket to success when she’s asked to join an all girl country band and their first album hits number one.

British pop star Eddie Williams has seven number one hits, three hit albums and one major regret. He never told Taylor he loved her. But every song, every melody has been about the piano player who got away. Now that her face seems to be everywhere he turns, he’s determined to rectify that mistake.

But with their booming careers working to drive them further apart than ever before, can Eddie break through Taylor’s country strong armor and get to the heart he’d lost out on all those years and records ago?

The Sweethearts of Country Music series includes six books by six different authors. Each novel features a member of the band as she struggles to balance music and love.