I followed a man and got my heart broken.
So I let the pain out in my songs.
Now my band is finally going places.
Unlike the others though I’ve been classically trained.
And I missed my best friend from school, Eddie.
And clearly I was blind then because now he’s the world hottest English Rock Star.
He’s ripped, handsome and that soul of his is special.
I wish I’d been smarter years ago cause I’m always wondering ‘what if.’

Her song played on the radio and suddenly I knew how to find her again.
I’d let her slip out of my arms and into another man’s car as she drove away.
Every song I sing is for her and how I should have told her she was the one.
Now I need to find her. It’s only so much a song can fill in my heart.
This time Taylor will hear me.
She’s the one and not just a friend to me.
Her heart will never break again if she accepts my heart that was always hers.