Meet the perfect guy who lives in a castle…
but he’s determined to lose it all…
Just Clara’s luck.

Clara Fortuna, the unfortunate, meets a billionaire noble duke whose determined to lose the title and fortune.
Clara never expected happily-ever-after, falling in love, or even a trip to Paris. The trip came as an accident, and so did meeting the perfect guy. But he’s on a path to self destruct and she’s fascinated with this bad boy who might just be a prince if he wasn’t out to destroy everything good in his life.
Astorre Manfredi, Duke of Modena, is determined to give up every dime to let his sister inherit his ancestral home. On his last day he sees another man with Clara… the same man who almost destroyed his sister. If he doesn’t act fast and marry Clara, himself, history can repeat. And Clara had no way to protect herself. But in marrying Clara, he gives her everything, including his castle where the Manfredi’s have protected the realm for eons. But she can never know the monster inside his very skin.
Can Clara fix this bad boy prince?
Find out what happens in this modern day Pride and Prejudice meets Cinderella’s Ever After romance!
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