I only have one shot to success.


My parents died. My stepmother had kicked me out, but that’s fine. It’s the past. And I’d been training since.

Soon I’ll prove it in the Olympics that I’m the best.

Then the paycheck from the professional league will only add to the proof.

I will win.

The only part of the plan I hate was losing Vanessa.

In high school, she’d been my rock, until my world fell apart.

But when my kid sister needed me, I found her. And I decided to take her to our cousin’s wedding. I hadn’t thought Vanessa would be a bridesmaid. Now I’m glad I came. We’re adults now and a wedding is a good place to win her back.

She’s holding back though and she clearly has a secret.

Weddings are intimate affairs though and our chemistry is still off the charts.

When I find out her secret though everything might change, but I am making it known I still love only her. If she’ll take a chance on me, then I’ll show her that she’ll never have a worry, ever again.