Mica’s almost been murdered…

Trust isn’t so easy anymore.

Until a handsome man convinces her appearances can be deceiving.

When Rocco Hellsworth escapes from prison, to get his mother cancer treatment, he hides into the closest house he can find.

Mica Murphy s recovering from surgery after her ex-fiancee, a prince, had tried to murder her before she gave birth to their child. Now home, Mica’s focus is her don whose a young and innocent baby.  She decides to keep her billions secret as clearly Rocco has no clue her own resources and dangers that can bring into their lives.

Together, they work their way into his heart.

He could start over here with them.

Until the law catches up to him.

Now, Mica must decide if she wants to be with a murderer, even if she loves him and Rocco wants to know if she’s worth the risk.

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