Billionaire Logan Bentley is savvy in the boardroom and the bedroom, but someone is about to prove he’s not as shrewd as he believes. 

To settle a score, an old enemy emerges with a convoluted tale to tell and will stop at nothing to ensure Logan and his family of moguls languish for their perceived wrongs. All is seemingly lost for them…until a beautiful stranger with a soft heart makes him a proposition he can’t refuse. Money is not object for Logan, but her help comes with the kind of price he can’t afford to pay.

Hannah Hughes needs money, and fast. When she’s offered a virtual fortune to marry a man she’s knows nothing about, she readily agrees to it. But when she meets the handsome inmate and finds herself thinking less about money and more about what she can do to help prove his innocence, she finds herself tangled in dangerous game she never intended to play.

Committed to marry under false pretenses, will Hannah’s kind heart take precedence over either of their bottom lines? Or will this marriage game prove more deadly than it is profitable?

Read the romantic suspense novels that fans of Nora Roberts and Kerry Barrett are sure to love!

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