Time is running out for Beau to stop the bad guys and figure out a way to tell his temporary wife he wants more.

Sarah’s family gave her an ultimatum: Marry Beau, so they could get the reward money, or go to jail. But just when she realizes he’s as innocent as she is and tries to befriend his family, a new kind of threat enters her life.

The threat to her heart.

While their families battle the people who tried to frame or kill the Bentley’s, Beau struggles to get out of the friend zone with his temporary wife. But even after working together to stop the final person who set his family up, Beau’s still lost on how to win over Sarah’s heart.

Can romance bloom when Beau’s family reclaims who they are…or will the change make Sarah run?

Sparks fly and classes clash in this romantic suspense novel that fans of Nora Roberts and Kerry Barrett are sure to love!

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