Three Irresistible Brothers all falsely arrested for a crime they never committed are all forced to marry to regain their freedom so they can find their revenge.

Billionaire Logan Bentley is savvy in the boardroom and the bedroom, but someone is about to prove he’s not as shrewd as he believes. 

To settle a score, an old enemy emerges with a convoluted tale to tell and will stop at nothing to ensure Logan and his family of moguls languish for their perceived wrongs. All is seemingly lost for them…until a beautiful stranger with a soft heart makes him a proposition he can’t refuse. Money is not object for Logan, but her help comes with the kind of price he can’t afford to pay.

Committed to marry under false pretenses, will Hannah’s kind heart take precedence over either of their bottom lines? Or will this marriage game prove more deadly than it is profitable?

Will this fake marriage be their second chance at love…or destroy their hearts and lives forever?

Rachel Mira has never had any reason to trust anyone, though the Bentley’s were great to her for the ten years she dated Oliver. But after witnessing another woman in his arms, she took off, never telling him she was pregnant. When she sees he’s been arrested and learns he must marry and divorce in thirty days to get out of jail, she steps up for the task. 

Taking on the task, however, means coming clean about Oliver’s infant son. He’s furious when he learns she took their misunderstanding that far, but now he has to decide if he can put aside his anger for the sake of his family, or if this betrayal burns too deep. 

Falling for the man she was there to spy on wasn’t the plan…

Roy Bentley Esq. is a self-made man, but no amount of success shields him or his family from jealous and vindictive enemies. Someone wants to destroy them and drive their good family name through the mud. Now, he needs to find someone he can trust to help him keep his business, his family, and their money out of harm’s way while he proves his and his family’s innocence in court.

When Caitlin meets Roy, however, he’s nothing like the seedy, socially awkward deviant she imagined. He’s decent, kind, and unbelievably handsome. Their temporary union might not be a problem after all…until he asks for her help. Then she’ll have to ask herself if she’s willing to risk everything to save a man she’s just met.

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