Flirting with the pilot was mindless fun and so was going home with him. We were meant to be #OneNight.

I had zero idea some blogger was out to ruin his life and mine.

Now I’m fired because of some fraternizing policy and my bills are coming due fast.

I was stunned when he came back in my life and offered me a way to prove myself. We’d pretend we were dating.

And did I mention he’s a trillionaire.

We were supposed to be a temporary fix to get me back in my own world.

Except being his was the only joy I had these days.

He’s sexy, funny, a trillionaire, a little bit of a man child, and he strikes me as someone charming and fixable.

Except I don’t form attachments. I’m better on my own.

♥ Except when we’re together I forget who I was.

✓ Even if he’s sweet as pie under all his layers

★ And I’m quickly getting addicted to him.

I was walking a slippery slope that ended in disaster, and my world was about to crash in on itself, but you’d never have expected what happened because I absolutely hadn’t.