A fourth enthralling box set of royal romance: Sworn to marry, three handsome nobles find love with the women they least expect – from a penniless worker to a woman who brings Christmas where she goes! 

Forbidden Bastard

She was steaming in her ears, furious, and hopped over to tell him no.

But when she stepped into his office, hot desire coursed through her veins.

Charles Esposito was mesmerizing and perfect and sexy as sin.

Sandi Smith’s just been sold to a billionaire noble, but she refuses, until the charming bad boy half prince changes her mind.

Forbidden Noble

Meet the perfect guy who lives in a castle… 

but he’s determined to lose it all… 

Just Clara’s luck.

Clara Fortuna, the unfortunate, meets a billionaire noble duke whose determined to lose the title and fortune.

Forbidden Lord

Follow the matchmaker’s name, fly to Europe and just knock on a strangers door.

Sounds stupid right?

But after losing her job, maybe, she can just think ‘vacation’ and check him out.

Maybe she can carol out, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Frederico turns 30 on New Years day, but if he loses his title and fortune, so does his two year old daughter.

This USA Today Bestselling Author includes an all new dazzling romance and with tons of family drama! Fans of Danielle Steel, Ginny Baird, Melody Anne, and Nora Roberts will adore this series.

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