Work weekend in Vegas. It was great until I was mistaken for a call girl. I’m in a business suit and my buttons are to my neck. And the guy… turns out he’s Jacob. My actual client. Except I’m on team #ReformtheBadBoy. It’s why I was hired.

Now I had to convince Jacob my well thought out ad plan was what he needed.

But he believes he knows best and a good wife would solve his problems.

And the worst part, he offered me the job.

I should probably just leave, but his kisses are electrifying.

And a walk on the wild side was probably way overdue for me. But when I wake up with a ring on my hand and being shuffled to his answer to fixing his life, I’m getting confused.

This isn’t a business deal. This isn’t happily ever after we dated a while and he proposed.

But Jacob set my soul on fire when he’s unintentionally charming.

Do I cut and run or do I stay and find out what happens next? Because honestly I never expected any of it.