Cameron had been my first and only absolutely forbidden love. We’d met when I was eighteen because our parents had an affair that might cause a noble scandal. He’d asked for my help and I’d given him my innocence.

Years later he’s hotter than ever and that kilt of his shows off his muscular body to perfection.

I have my Jane Austen books and I refuse to marry a man I should hate, even if he’s offering me a million dollars.

This time I’m sticking to my ideals and that means I’d never see Cameron again. I’m not falling in love. I know what he thinks of me and my mother.


Amelia and I were wrong when we were young. I’d almost given up everything for her once already. However when she shows up in Scotland after refusing my call, I want nothing more than to get her alone again.

I’d lose myself and my station as laird of my clan if I did, but I’m starting to wonder if I might ever have the strength to leave her again, especially when she kisses me. I still only want Amelia.