Vixen who wound up pregnant from a man I hate describes my life, but I’m transforming myself. I’m going to be a mom which means I’m not going to ever be bad again. So when Broderick sweet talks me, I’m tempted. He’s all hard muscles and the kilts only enhance how hot he is.

My baby isn’t his but he makes me wish I’d been a better person.

He’s a billionaire. I’m determined to maintain steady employment and raise my baby on my own.

This time I refuse to fall for temptation.

I will never fall for Broderick. 


Alexa’s the only woman I’d met whose not falling at my feet.

Her refusing me makes me want her more.

And yes I want to claim her as my own, but I’ll have to prove I’m capable of caring for her and her child. 

Alexa doesn’t take my clan’s curse that we only fall in love once and she’s it for me. Now I’ll have to use everything in my power to get her to believe in me.