Move to England…  check

Visit everything Jane Austen… check

Get engaged… that went spectacularly horrible.

Mr. Wrong was sleeping with my ex-flatmate and they ran off to be married.

But I had my flat, my fun and I’d sworn I’d be fine… And then Mr. Scottish Seducer showed up.

Now I’m making a new list of everything wrong with Charlie Grannd.

  1. He kisses like the devil is here for me.
  2. He makes my ex upset.
  3. He sees right through me.


Even this list must be wrong. He’s arrogant, bossy, and demanding. 

My pulse shouldn’t race.

There is absolutely no way we’d ever get together.

And when it happened once, it must be a one time thing, right?

Scottish business can’t be trusted, but what happened when we can’t stop and I stop writing my diary? Honestly I didn’t see happily-ever-after possible.