Seducing the wedding host was never my intention.
For months, we worked together to help my best friend and his brother, but I kept my distance, even when his simple touch sent a zip through my veins.
When he wears his kilt, I can see his hard, muscular thighs, his ripped arms, and his chiseled chest.
He wore a shirt to the wedding, of course, but my memories of those glimpses keep getting in the way.
He’s a duke, and honestly, I should resist, but those green eyes of his make me want him despite our class differences.
The wedding’s almost over, and I might never see him again. But once I get a taste and know what I’ll be missing, I’ll never be the same.


She’s a friend of the family—and she’s the only woman I want. 
I want to see what’s underneath that bridesmaid dress.
She’s not from my world, but I can’t stop myself from wanting her, even if all she’ll give me is one time.
What she doesn’t know is that she already has my heart.
All she has to do is say yes.