Former maid Ashley decides to tell a movie star she’s in love with him.

Ashley Romero has been cleaning his family’s estates for over a year, but now that she has money in her account and the ability to do whatever she wants, there is only one thing on her list. Tell Matt Morgan, the movie star, that she’s knee deep in love with him. Problem is though, he’d never once noticed her.

Matt Morgan is determined to win a series lead role, finish is current movie and create a legend for himself that’s nothing like his last name. He didn’t even know he was a Morgan until after his father died, but he’s always had the audience in his grip. But his agent tells him he needs to date a normal woman, not a model, if he wants to win the part of a lifetime. So when his family maid walks in, he develops the perfect plan.

Ashley never expected to get embroiled in Matt’s life. She assumed she’d end the day at a hotel, alone, not in his house as his pretend girlfriend. And somehow her dreams are getting lost in her desire to help Matt, but at some point that has to end.

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