I’m not looking for love, not now… not ever again. 

Been there. Done that. No thanks.

The only thing good that came from it was the little man in my arms. The only man who will ever hold my heart again. 

He’s the one thing I did right, and I’m going to raise him to know what love really is. 

My life is dedicated to giving him the life he deserves  and working at the shelter that once housed us.

I’m here to empower women just like me, whose shoes I’d walked… and ran in, that there is always a way out. They deserved more. 

Then I met Dwayne. And he reminded me that I too deserved more. More than lonely nights and carrying the weight of the world alone. 

Those muscles that made my knees weak and that sexy stubble that covered his dimples made it easy to forget myself for just one night. 

A night I’d never forget, no matter how hard I tried. 

I’m aching to be his, but afraid of the fallout that will inevitably come. 

He proves me wrong and shows me what love really is, and what it’s like to be treasured.