Quick Updates

A couple notes, my newsletter subscribers helped me decide what I should write next and I’m excited to bring the Bentley family to life on the pages. It’s going to be fun. I’m busy packing my bags and writing my next book, Forbidden Prince.

Also quick note I’ll be bringing back the monthly free book options. I’m gathering authors now to offer, though I won’t get that settled until after I move. So stay tuned for that on my blog. In the future, I’ll also be offering a 99 cent book week for the blog, mid month starting in September so I have bid plans!

For November’s release, I’m anxiously awaiting the new cover. It should be this week, but I’m waiting… the book is now in the hands of an editor I trust. So it’s good for pre-orders once the cover art comes in.

Also I’ll be off line next week for my long distance move, so I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that. When I get back, I’ll talk about my new release, Forbidden Crown AND get the book offering ready to go!

Last Tropical Tryst came out this week! I hope you go and get your copy everywhere.