When I was a teenager, my mom and I would spend way too much money buying things we didn’t need. I continued the tradition of waste for a while and then finally I grew up and realized saving money is more my jam.

So yes I have a new book coming out soon… Handsome… Order it now.

Then when I lived in Denver doctors at a hospital my husband worked at were all using Mint Mobile. I looked it up and wow. However we were under contract the entire time.

The prices start at $15 a month but the catch is they don’t really sell phones. It’s bring your own phone. But with the savings on your phone bill every month, you can seriously be one of the people lining up at the Apple Store for a brand new one. Or you can keep the money and put it toward something else you really want out of life. Anyhow if you’ve not heard of Mint Mobile, now’s your chance… http://fbuy.me/rNob0