I don’t want to promise too much but I started Anthony’s story. For a long time Peter,Belle and Jennifer and what I wanted to do kept me away from finishing this series. It ate at me and I couldn’t decide how I wanted it to end. And without that story which readers know is the over riding story that connects all the love stories of the siblings it was impossible. And Anthony’s story was always going to be the turning point.

With six novels left it felt like I needed to bring this whole thing to a conclusion. And i know so many people think they know what my intended end game was but I wasn’t entirely sure. It could have gone either way but now that I’ve committed, writing the other love stories has become my focal point. I have not written much in 2 years. But now that I have an answer to this soap opera like story… it’s going to happen. I need completion just as much as you might want to know.

So it’s coming.

And of course to finish my fake dates series as that was much more fun to write. I am working full time now but now that the girls are in school I can sneak in a few hours to write more. So I’ll be back!!! Chapter one is done. Chapter 2 is outlined.