Tempting James, Forbidden Monsieur and a Boxed Set of Morgans and listing my May Giveaways

In May I have three things coming out as well as giving birth. How I will handle all of May is going to be beyond me. My own bundle of Joy is due May 6th but she could come any time now.

On May 15th Tempting James comes out.

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Scarlett doesn’t want a billionaire. James refuses to mention he’s one. He’s there to protect her, not fall for her.

She’s on the run. He’s a distraction. They’re begging for trouble.

James Clancy made a promise, and he intends to keep it. But protecting his former Marine buddy’s sister proves to be more than he bargained for. He’s already been burned once. He’s not about to let that happen again.

The last thing Scarlett Hawke needs is a babysitter. What she needs is a husband, and a way out. When she meets James, she knows he oh-so-wrong for her, but resisting him might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do… until she discovers who he really is and just how dangerous that can be.

Will Scarlett let love happen or will it only make her complicated life worse.

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On May 22nd I’m releasing the second boxed set in the House of Morgan series where you can get books 4-6 all in one set.

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Another sexy trio of romances: Three more passionate billionaire siblings follow their hearts in search of happily ever after — from a merger that leads to love to an unexpected baby!

Secret Wish

Dr. Luke Morgan lives the privileged life of a trust fund baby, but with little memory of his mother and a strained relationship with his father, it’s difficult for him to reconcile between who he is and who he wants to be until he reunited with Caro Soliz, his brother’s maid.

Secret Dad

Rafe Soliz knocked on the door of his next case and the last person he ever expected to see stared at him when it opened. Liz from Vegas turned out to be a part of the House of Morgan and his unknown son is now missing.

Secret Heir

Mitch Morgan III may bear his father’s good looks and his name, but he certainly didn’t inherit his father’s trust. Born the child of a torrid affair, nothing was handed to him and no one wants him to succeed. When the rep from Morgan Enterprises storms through his door, he knows he’s in for a challenge, but nothing in life prepared him for how hard he falls for Tess.

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And on May 29th, Forbidden Monsieur comes out.

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Slightly pampered lady. One sexy French, vineyard owner.

An unexpected romance set in both wine country and Paris between two opposites with almost nothing in common except undeniable chemistry.

Forbidden Monsieur

Lady Chelsea Bright is many things, but a romantic is not one of them. With her family in dire straits, she must marry a wealthy suitor to ensure their security, but that means she’ll have to sacrifice her art and travel to Paris to meet Duc Astorre Manfredi, and never submit her art for a showing that was set up for her.

Alexandre Travers has one goal in mind – to rebuild his family’s vineyard in the South of France. That means he must concentrate his efforts on producing the best grapes possible and completely rebranding the organization because there’s no room for error. The last thing he needs is distractions, but that’s exactly what he gets when a distracted driver crashes her car on his property and destroys all his hard work.

Chelsea needs a ride to Paris but volunteers to stay and help repair the property and despite the trouble she’s caused, but these two opposites soon find themselves growing closer. Soon, that budding friendship begins to look and feel like love, but is it enough to make Chelsea abandon her plans and begin anew?

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