Tempting James New Release

Finally this book is published and in personal news my baby was born. I saved this series of books to release while I was going to recover from giving birth. So these books have been ready for a long time, but I had to wait it out and release. And my new baby was born!

This is my new daughter whose already a new light of my life and I’m excited to hold her every day and night. (Okay the night feedings do get hard.)  So was born May 5th so she’s my Cinco De Mayo baby though we’re not actually Spanish, but…pero… I lived in Miami so long I can pretend a little.

So now that I’m no longer pregnant, (another yeah), I can be myself and let my imagination wander. I’m planning to write one more book for my 2018 arsenal in the House of Morgan series and then it’s on to planning and scheduling 2019. I’ve already started ordering covers and outlining my next series and continuing stories in the House of Morgan and Princes of Avce line ups.

Anyhow Tempting James was one of my more favorite stories in this Hawke Family Fortune series. The parents who were targeted named all their children after Gone with the Wind actors except for Scarlett. In Tempting Gabe, his name is Gable after Clark Gable. In Tempting Conner, Olivia is named after Olivia de Havilland, and I thought about naming the character in this story Vivian like the parents might have for the actress who played Scarlett. But that didn’t feel right for the character at all. Scarlett was feisty and determined to get her way. And so the parents decided to name their first daughter right from Gone with the Wind itself, Scarlett.

Scarlett Hawke was spoiled as a teenager. She admits it herself. However she grew up, studied chemistry, started her own company to make organic cosmetics and she personally is involved with the creation of her products. She’s not just the name on the board because her daddy owns oil fields. In fact she’s so independent, she refuses to take a dime from her inheritance or her family or their connections. She wants to expand her business, but she doesn’t want a billionaire friend to swoop in. And she has a plan, but this requires that she proves she’s stable at home and has a husband.

Her brother, Gabe, asked his former marine friends to watch her and her sister’s backs while Gabe and the police find out whose out to assassinate their family. James Clancy walks into the front door with an old stained t-shirt, ripped jeans and a hard, sexy body. Sure he’s her brother’s friend, but he’s also perfect for the temporary husband role or so she thinks.

James doesn’t know how to tell Scarlett that he’s rich. She seems him as poor and that’s all she wants to see. But not telling her that he actually is a billionaire gets more and more complicated as he tries to protect her.

So if this story interests you and like I said it was one of my favorites in this series, then please check out Tempting James and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  Link for that is at the bottom!

Tempting James:

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Scarlett doesn’t want a billionaire. James refuses to mention he’s one. He’s there to protect her, not fall for her.

She’s on the run. He’s a distraction. They’re begging for trouble.

James Clancy made a promise, and he intends to keep it. But protecting his former Marine buddy’s sister proves to be more than he bargained for. He’s already been burned once. He’s not about to let that happen again.

The last thing Scarlett Hawke needs is a babysitter. What she needs is a husband, and a way out. When she meets James, she knows he oh-so-wrong for her, but resisting him might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do… until she discovers who he really is and just how dangerous that can be.

Will Scarlett let love happen or will it only make her complicated life worse? Can she trust her heart to a man who was supposed to hate her?

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