Quick announcement. Two more Sweethearts of Country Music and a personal announcement… to break down the third wall to talk to my readers and show a little of my life,

First I followed a plan I had in my head for years and finally… I started a youtube channel. I don’t know about you but I often go on youtube to find people and listen. It’s playing in the background as I type this. And I realized a lot of my you tubers will talk in their car, in the middle of absolutely nothing that I watch, and I can do it with my day too. So in ten minute segments you can catch up. I promise comments will get me to talk about just about anything that I can. So I hope you head over to youtube. So far my reading of one star reviews has been my biggest one so you can start here:


Second two new Sweethearts of Country Music are live so go check that out too…

Both of these stories continue the 6 country star romances of the girls in the LipsStick Outlaws.







Third and last is that often I talk about my children… I feel the oldest is growing way too fast. She’s in preschool now. I swear she was just a baby in my arms. Now she’s in school. This feels too fast. I talk about my children alot in my newsletter. But I do offer parenting tips if you’re interested… totally free… https://victoriapinder.com/victoria-pinders-parenting-tips