Kate’s being set up.
She has one shot to get the proof.
And Dr. Daniel is the perfect decoy.

Kate’s mother left the business and fortune to her. Not her stepfather. But Kate needs the proof, so she needs to go to the Caymen Islands to get the evidence. Her plan to take a cruise there gave her a crowd to blend in.

However bad guys after her and no one ever believes her.
Except Sexy Doctor Daniel Collins. She has no time to like anyone and trust has never been easy.

But when he offers to help her out of her predicament, keep her safe and be her pretend boyfriend, she’s starting to let him in, at least for the vacation.

At the end they were going to separate but as the cruise docks, she wishes he’d want to stay.

But a fashionista and a doctor have nothing in common. So what happened next she never expected.
Find out what and order now.