Secret Match

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Blurb will be revised soon to be punchier…

Kiwi Washington took her dream job at the House of Morgan designing shoes. At her first international fashion show in Paris, she mets Giorgio who also works in fashion. The short term affair sent her heart in orbit but she returned to Miami and work instead of following a man with no money.

Giorgio Morgan comes to the House of Morgan to negotiate a contract where his mens line that also has the Morgan label with his own trademark doesn’t compete. In negotiations his family connection is discovered, as is the one woman he still hungered for after their affair ended.

Giorgio demands one date with Kiwi to straighten out their misunderstandings and she accepts. Neither one of them expected his brother Anthony Morgan is out to destroy their budding romance or any of the American House of Morgan happiness. Family loyalties and friendships are on the line as well as a potential romance that might lead to happy ever after for Kiwi and Giorgio if they can navigate the mindfield of troubles that could destroy both of them and everyone they ever loved.