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Can you believe it’s almost 2016? I can’t. How is it November already? 2015 feels like it just started. 2015 is still going strong for me and who has time to Christmas shop? What’s still great is I am still going strong and writing novels.

  • Mything You

Always say dream big and if one dream doesn’t work, then reimagine the dream to fit. I’m also a believer in goal setting, and by RWA Nationals, I hope to have 4 or 5 more manuscripts at least rough done which in 2015 I am close to accomplishing. How funny. I’m definitely posting a 2016 news years goal here once the time rolls around.

The fire is inside me to write, and the stories are pouring out. I have quite a few other stories to tell. Nora Roberts has 200 books, so there is a LONG way to go.I hope you stay around and enjoy the novels I’m creating. Now for news please help Stormy Peril win Kindle Scout, again. In May 2015 Winter Peril was accepted for the Amazon contract so I went back into my box and thought of a sequel. It’s now November and I placed the second book in and hope for a repeat win.

Stormy Peril

I want to add Stormy Peril into the rotation of published novels above and I need your help to make that possible.

Also if you can laugh at yourself and reimagine life in a different way, then connect with me. I love meeting people!

Victoria Pinder