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Welcome to Victoria Pinder’s Site.

I’m so happy you stopped in to check me out.

2014 is my year. I married the love of my life. But that was the icing on the cake. First I had sold manuscripts then he asked with a ring and said yes. 2014 has been awesome.

Fingers crossed my new amazing agent sells my manuscript to bigger houses and who knows perhaps I can have children in 2015. This would be nice so I’m throwing my 2015 hopes out there.

Now I have quite a few other stories to tell. Nora Roberts has 200 books, so there is a LONG way to go.

Look around. I do love making youtube videos and spend my free time online there.


“The Zoastra Affair by Victoria Pinder is a science-fiction romance adventure that features body stealing, planet hopping and aliens. Yes, please!” USA

Never take yourself too seriously. For my day job they made us dance. This is why I went out and found a new job. The Wedding Anthem was my idea in 2013 though chose to go on a cruise instead of practice. We danced every year and will try to find the classic 2011 and 2012 editions of the Evolution of Dance and A night to Remember. Did I mention I’m a horrible dancer? And I’m equally horrible at sports. You can clearly tell. in these epic disasters of my performances.

So if you can laugh at yourself and reimagine life in a different way, then connect with me. I love meeting people!




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