So I am writing this for the new writers who don’t have tough skin. I just saw my ‘Vivian scores’ and shrugged. Writers clearly don’t have the final say in anything. And no I don’t write controversial. I don’t care if I won or lost to be honest. I entered because the contest was free and I wanted RWA to be better. As it turned out long before today, that wasn’t true as a book I’d never read won. So now I’m writing this blog to share my results. Apparently according to my judges my story had a horrible opening, my writing is not dynamic, and people aren’t going to read more. In the second round apparently I’m a 55 out of 100 writer. My book is ‘average’ I suppose. But I have to shrug it off. 

Stephanie and Charlie were so much fun for me. Stephanie is all about the past. Charlie is all about the future. It’s like Elon Musk falls for the Jane Austen fan girl. He’s into outer space and future tech. She’s into Mr. Darcy. And out of all my characters I was writing in the pandemic while locked in my house, these two really stayed with me.

And I think it’s true for my readers too. I run no ads for this book. Yet I’m sharing the numbers in case there are other writers out there reading this. I normally don’t talk about money. I have a rule to never talk about money as it brings energy I don’t want in my life. But I think my readers clearly don’t agree because the one book in question. To be entirely honest, I run zero dollars in ads to the series. I love my characters and I love my readers. So I’ll never win an award with my ‘average’ scores. I’m okay. I’d rather connect to my fans who went on the journey to Scotland with me during the pandemic when we’re all locked in our homes or this summer when we’re going out a little though I’m in complete fear for what to do with my daughter who needs to start kindergarten. I hope everyone stays safe and hey if we’re all reading together, I’m in. 

And if you’re reading this and my reader, don’t worry I’ll continue to learn my craft which is why I stay a member as there is alway something to learn AND I’ll deliver more stories. If you’re a new writer and my words help you in any way that’s the point of this. I wish you all the success in the world!!!