When I first started writing and my first book was published in 2013 (which was sci fi romance), I was working. I had no children, no husband but I had a law degree that I wasn't using. So my writing journey began with the Collins and there was tons of suspense with rich guys there. I then moved on to other billionaire guys who had external threats and it ultimately manifested in the Irresistibly Series which are billionaire brothers who were wrongly imprisoned. My Morgans have tons of external suspense elements. Michael, Dane, and then Hidden Gabriel which one Kindle Scout in 2015 when it was titled Winter Peril is also a gothic romantic suspense. I was loving writing about bad guys and them causing the billionaire guys all sorts of problems. With the Tempting series I played with one bad guy going after siblings. With Irresistibly it was a corporation after their cash. With the Collins I went for brothers who stuck together. With the Hidden series I stuck to gothic suspense. With Heart of a Hero I stuck with action adventure romance. But all in all I was into suspense. Sometimes I still think about ideas for billionaire rich guys to sweep women into their world with women on their arms. To me it's fun to write about. My royal books are all royal family with bad guys and suspense. And it was honestly in the Prince series where I decided to experiment with what I am trying to do today, write books without external bad guys. The princes and king all have suspense but it was in Forbidden Earl and Forbidden Monsieur that I decided to just experiment with no bad guys at all, just people with problems who fall in love. And of course still rich. I love to write about rich people and Cinderella stories. I don't see that changing though in Forbidden Noble I played with the Beauty and the Beast idea and I might try that too. (Darker version of Cinderella in some way as it's still a beautiful but poor girl.) The idea of writing suspense still gets to me though and I might go back. I can't write your general muscly guy though. I'm all about the rich life and decadence I absolutely never had growing up. So I wanted to write this post because I really do love romantic suspense and I wanted to just celebrate it today as Michael is on sale for 99 cents this month.