I’m so excited that the Steel Series is doing so well in Kindle Unlimited. I’m humbled and grateful to the Amazon fans. And I totally understand having to budget books now, so the fact that my series I wrote while in captivity of my house during lockdowns really are resonating. Then moving during the lockdowns… and I realized I’m a HORRIBLE preschool teacher for my girls. They’d have been in school that I pulled her from. Now that Kindergarten starts in the fall and school is no longer optional, at least the end is now in sight and i’m grateful for that too. And I’m not sure what happens if I’m not pulled in every direction these days. And I toured where I want to send my girl, BUT she’s getting big and now leaving the house. I feel this is all too fast. Yes I juggle writing and parenting and family and all the drama.

So I hope you go and grab Honey Bun now in Kindle Unlimited.

Also if you’re not an amazon reader, grab the second book Handsome now before that follows the same path.