So Easter was yesterday! My daughters had baskets. And my mom always included one present/doll in the basket when I was a girl. So my girls had the same thing. They also got a present. E-dorable got herself a bunny. Miss Blippi as I call my 2 almost 3 year old these days had a doll. And in the spirit of sharing I asked my author friends if they had any FREE or 99cents romance novels to share as well. My rules were simple… keep it clean. The hallmark movies, heck Pretty Woman didn’t really have a lot of sex scenes but they were still fun romantic romps. And I know I love romances. My friends delivered. Ann Omasta and Kristin Wallace had stories that I LOVED that they offered to share with you. But the others I’m picking up as well because at the end of the day after watching my girls, I’m exhausted. And I need to unwind with happily-ever-after romances that make my heart grow. My own books are included in this as well because they’re FREE and if you know someone to recommend them or haven’t picked on up… now is a good time. So check out these fun romances for you and I hope you had a Happy Easter!