So in 2018 my print distribution went down and I meant to make a decision in 2019 on what to do. Life jumped in the way. First another baby. Then recovery. Then moving. And finding the time to sit for 72 hours or more on just one project, reading contracts, supplying material, getting print covers… I put it off.

But 2020 showed up and resolutions aren’t just words. I said print editions, foreign translation, more books are all on the list for things to get done. No more putting off needed things. I finally made the decision on print. Yeah. Not all are out yet, but within a few days all the sites should have my books again. So the first of the resolutions is on its way. On my end things are done. Now it’s just waiting for everything to upload and filter out. Quite a few people have asked me what happened to my print books.

So after the rebranding of last month, it was time to get the next step in order. I have a lot of books at this point, so it becomes a project. But I’m happy to finally deliver to my long waiting fans…

Also remember Legendary Rock Star is on preorder for 99 cents on all sites. I hope you check out my new series!